Crown and Bridgework

Made to protect and secure worn, damaged or missing teeth

A crown may be required if a tooth is susceptible to fracture or failure due to being heavily restored, root filled, split or fractured.


Crown & Bridgework are tooth-like ceramic or gold coverings made to protect and secure worn, damaged teeth and/or to replace missing teeth. A crown is a full protective cover which permanently sits over the tooth and looks just like a real tooth- sometimes even better! A crown can make the tooth stronger, better looking and reduce the risk of breakage.

A dental bridge is sometimes used to replace a missing tooth. A ceramic tooth is bonded to the adjacent teeth, which fills in the gap and improves the appearance and function.

At See The Dentist, a crown can be either made using state of the art CAD/CAM technology, which is completed in one visit. For some cases we send this to the ceramist. The crown will be made to replicate the look of a healthy, natural tooth, in size, shape, colour, shine and transparency. If the ceramist makes it, this will require two appointments, about two weeks apart.

Only the strongest and most aesthetic materials are used at See The Dentist to ensure your crown & bridgework look natural and last for many years to come.






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