First Appointment

Understand your needs and goals in terms of oral health

Your first appointment is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to get acquainted with the staff and our surroundings.


It is important that we both understand your needs and goals in terms of oral health and what can be achieved. We begin by discussing any concerns that you may have. You may have none, but if you do we encourage that you express your concern. During this appointment we will discuss your medical history and general health since it may affect your dental treatment.

A comprehensive oral examination of your face, jaw, oral soft tissues, gums, the bite (occlusion) and teeth is conducted. Furthermore, any specific concerns that you may have will be examined in greater detail.

A set of dental x-rays is usually taken to check in between the teeth for decay or any other problems. If needed the dentist may also take pictures or take moulds of your teeth.

A dental plan is then formulated. We will discuss the options available and any questions that you have. We understand that all people are different therefore we seek to give the ideal treatment for the individual.

If there is an emergency (e.g. toothache) of pressing importance, this will take precedence over the normal first examination. However, it is recommended that a full examination is conducted in a subsequent appointment in order to assess the rest of the mouth and surrounding tissues.



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