Prevention Care

Prevention is always better than cure and leads to less expense

toothbrushing1At See The Dentist we believe in a preventative approach to taking care of your teeth. Prevention revolves around early identification and treatment of dental problems almost always leads to easier, painless treatment and less expense for you in the long run.

In some cases, simply improving your oral hygiene and diet can reverse early dental problems. And obviously, less dental work means less inconvenience and expense for you.

Even though you may think your teeth are in good shape, regular visits are very important. Remember: regular care is the best care you can give your teeth.


Regular attendance can:

  • Help prevent problems
  • Detect conditions as soon as they appear
  • Improve the appearance of your teeth
  • Maintain fresh breath


Methods in preventing dental disease include:


  • Remove plaque and calculus (tartar) deposits from your teeth and gums (professional scale and clean)
  • Polish your teeth to remove plaque and stains
  • Assess your oral health and risk of dental disease
  • Take intra-oral photos for a baseline dental record
  • Provide education about oral health
  • Give you personalised advice about caring for your teeth and gums
  • Use a plaque highlighting gel to assess areas of plaque accumulation
  • Apply fluoride gel to your teeth to prevent decay
  • Take radiographs (x-rays) when required
  • Conduct saliva testing to assess the quantity and quality of your saliva. Compromised saliva flow is a common side effect of most frequently prescribed medications.
  • Diet assessment



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