We use the most appropriate material for the specific clinical situation

We constantly review the literature to evaluate the latest dental materials currently available and utilise the best material currently available.


At See The Dentist, we offer restorations (fillings) that we would want for our family and ourselves. There is not one material that fits all situations. We rather select the appropriate dental material for the specific clinical situation. Tooth coloured restorations are the most aesthetic and are either made of ceramic (porcelain) or composite resin (bonding). These two materials have their advantages and disadvantages according to the clinical situation.


Ceramic Restorations


Ceramics are widely used in aesthetic dentistry as they have the ability to mimic optical features of natural teeth enamel and dentine. In metal ceramic restorations the grey metal framework makes it difficult to achieve natural aesthetics. Ceramics are also extremely biocompatible and are chemically durable with sufficient hardness to provide high wear resistance. Their aesthetically pleasing qualities last a lot longer than composite resin restorations.


At See The Dentist, we are one of the few practices in Sydney using CEREC 3D technology to manufacture porcelain restorations. If the situation calls for it, we may also use a ceramist to fabricate our ceramic restorations.



Our Ceramic Cases


Composite Resin Restorations


Advances in bonding technology using composite materials in the past 10 years  have changed the way we practice aesthetic dentistry. The selection of composite materials now available offer a variety of shades and opacities of enamel and dentine, allowing us to achieve a natural colour and aesthetically pleasing teeth in a relatively short, simple and predictable manner. Most cases are accomplished in one visit with minimum tooth intervention, no local anaesthesia and at a a lower expense.


The technique can be applied to patients of all ages and the results can be quite astounding. Patients appreciate the one visit procedure and the resulting immediate aesthetic improvement and are grateful that the integrity of their tooth-enamel has been preserve.


Our Composite Resin Restorations

Note the decay in the 1st molar is sitting just above the pink pulp (nerve) chamber. This may need root canal treatment in future.

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