Tooth Replacement

What are your options if you are missing a tooth?

So your tooth needs replacing?

So your tooth needs replacing?


In the past conventional treatment options for tooth replacement were only:

  • Crown and bridgework
  • Full or partial dentures.

Both these options address the short-term problem of the missing tooth, but do nothing to stop the bone loss and in the case of the denture, may actually accelerate the bone loss.


Hence the main options for the missing tooth are the following:

Untreated missing tooth i.e. Do nothing and leave the space

  • Poor appearance and aesthetics
  • No chewing function
  • Rampant bone loss
  • Undesirable tooth movement, migration, over-eruption and tilting
  • Changes in speech
  • Changes in facial appearance and the soft tissues of the face cave inwards where the missing teeth are


Implant with a crown:

  • Aesthetically superior
  • Full chewing function
  • Stops bone loss
  • Excellent long-term success rates (>95% over a 20 year period)
  • Requires a surgical procedure


Traditional Crown and Bridge

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Shorter treatment time than implant treatment – takes 2 visits
  • Requires that two or more healthy teeth be ground down to serve as abutments (anchors) for a bridge
  • Preparing adjacent teeth leaves them at risk for cavities and endodontic failure (root canal treatment).
  • Very difficult to clean
  • If the original abutment teeth fail, more healthy teeth must be sacrificed to serve as anchors
  • Rampant bone loss in the area of the missing tooth continues


Removable Denture:

  • Poor appearance and aesthetics
  • Removable and can move during function
  • Rampant bone loss in the area of the missing tooth continues
  • At risk for fungal infections underneath the denture
  • At risk for gum disease and decay of any teeth covered by the denture
  • Can be a cheap alternative when replacing several teeth in one arch
  • Can be a good option if you have advanced bone loss and require more lip support as a result


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